More on Sustainability

Recommended sites to learn more on sustainable living.

Here are some different types of sites that might be of interest to people. I think National Geographic has a nice webpage that covers the science of sustainability without activism or hype.

Eartheasy has a nice part of their webpage devoted to a whole list of environmental sites for kids. I checked out a few and all have some positives. Eartheasy is also a place that sells things, so only part of this site is educational.

Ecokids is an award winning Canadian site that might appeal to older kids and certainly to teachers.

Bioneers is a group that focuses their mission on positive solutions. You can see some great presentations and inspirational speakers discuss sustainability at their vimeo site. I particularly like Gary Hirschberg’s presentation.

I also like Ecogeek and their newsletter because of positive messages about technology advances and solutions.

There are many very good TED talks about sustainability. Three of my favorites are Janine Benyus, discussing how we can use biomimicry and nature’s designs to learn to solve human problems. Ted Jackson discusses prosperity without growth and Paul Stamets talks about how mushrooms and fungi can help save the world.


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